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Registration of theses

Requirements for abstracts are determined by the conference organizing committee and communicated to all potential participants. They must be strictly followed, because any violation of the requirements leads to a significant increase in the cost of compiling a collection of abstracts of the report, which may be the reason for the refusal of the organizing committee.

The usual volume of abstracts is set to 1–2 pages of printed text. Less commonly, it is indicated in the number of words or characters. With frequent requirements for abstracts (Times New Roman, 12, single spacing, Word-formatted document), 1 page of printed text is about 45 lines or 5-7 medium paragraphs. At the same time a significant part is occupied by the title, the names of the authors and the names of the organizations where they work. In general, this is a very small amount available for intelligible presentation of the thoughts of the author.

Typical structure of theses

When writing abstracts such as “Problem Statement”, it is necessary to submit the following blocks of information:

Brief introduction (relevance of the topic).

The purpose of the work (to set the problem / task).

Overview of existing points of view on the problem, or a description of the situation in the subject area.

Some personal thoughts on this topic.

Prospective studies (optional).

Conclusion (what problem or problem is put for the subsequent decision).

When writing abstracts of the “Research results” type, it is necessary to submit the following blocks of information:

Brief introduction, statement of the problem (actually, everything is the same as in the theses, only briefly).

The purpose of the work (to investigate something specific).

Baseline study or hypothesis (in the case of an experimental study).

Applied methods.

Sampling options.

Intermediate results (if necessary).

Main results.

Interpretation + conclusions.

When writing abstracts of the “New Work Method” type, it is necessary to submit the following information blocks:

A brief introduction describing the tasks for which the developed is needed, the scope of the methodology (relevance).

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Classification of theses of scientific works

Such abstracts can be presented in two main groups:

Written abstracts on existing material (a large article or report).

Written abstracts before the report.

In the first case, the main difficulty in compiling theses is the need to significantly reduce the amount of printed text while maximizing its content. The worse the author owns the material, the harder it is for him to express his thoughts briefly. In this situation, the same recipe will help as in the compilation of theses based on materials of another author (given in the penultimate paragraph of the Introduction).

The most common situation of the second type is when first writing theses, which the author eventually expands to the size of the article. This is precisely what the authors of the theses of reports submitted to scientific conferences do.

The main difficulty in this case is that the author has not fully formed his idea of ​​what he wants to write. In scientific studies, this is a normal situation. First comes the idea that you want to write. The record will be brief, since there is nothing to write besides it. Then I want to make this idea public — and the author sits down to write theses, which he then sends to the conference. In order to make the idea understandable to the reader, it is necessary to argue it, introduce the reader to the problem, state other aspects of the work. The initial description of all these aspects is as short as the description of the idea itself. All text fits on 1-2 pages – theses are ready.

Further material in this manual focuses on this difficult case.

There are three main types of theses:

To the formulation of the problem;

Research results;

New method of work.

Each type imposes rather strict requirements on the structure of work.

What do these options suggest?

Abstracts of the report, article or other bulk (usually text) material – a set of individual provisions, logically related to each other. In this case, it is often assumed that their proof takes place in the text of the main (volumetric) publication.

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The theses of scientific works – reports, presentations, articles, etc., belong to the second type. In this case, it is assumed that the author knows the question well and its main task is a brief and succinct expression of this question in writing. The latter is not always easy and quick to do, but after completing the writing of the theses it turns out that the understanding of the described question or material has become deeper, new ideas often appear, it becomes easier to explain the essence of your work to others. This manual is dedicated to alleviating this task.

The main difference between theses and other scientific texts is a small volume (1–2 printed pages), in which it is necessary to present all the main ideas of the report (article). It is by the quality of theses that readers will judge the entire work as a whole, and decide on the need to get acquainted with the material in full.

Unsuccessfully written abstracts can scare the reader away from interesting scientific work. Conversely, a well-written abstract of the thesis draws attention to both the scientific material and the speaker. Of course, in many respects the quality of the theses is determined by the real scientific content of the work, but it can either be spoiled or profitably presented. At present, the practice is widespread that, following the consideration of theses of a report, the organizing committee of an international conference not only decides to include the relevant report in the conference program, but often also pays for the participation of the author (in whole or in part) because of the high significance of his.

Any abstract can be assigned to one of two main types:

Abstracts compiled by the publication of another author.

Abstracts written on the basis of their own original material.

In the first case, the author of the theses is not familiar with the material in advance and must carefully study it. Therefore, after a preliminary reading, the text is read again. At the same time break the text into a number of passages. Next, find in each part of the selected text that determined its initial division; write out or temporarily simply note this important thing in the text of the publication itself. Then, having thought out the selected well, having clarified its essence, they formulate certain provisions. This will be theses.

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Only a loser makes one report twice at different conferences. Twice one report can not be done. And three times too it is impossible. Yes, yes, and four times. Beginning authors who have written only one text, approved by the supervisor, for some reason forget about this rule of the scientific community and begin to send their theses to all possible conferences. However, students are usually forgiven, but in the list of publications 3 articles with the same title and almost the same volume are immediately shown to colleagues: you are dealing with a loser who forgets that the number of scientific publications must be supported by their quality.

Remember: the co-authorship of the student and supervisor often looks ridiculous and humiliating for the supervisor. Because if the text was written by a scientist, then why would he assign a student to himself? And if a student is, well, with the scientist who allowed this, then everything is clear too. The function of the supervisor is precisely in the manual, but not in the co-authorship of any work written by his student. Cases of equal scientific partnership of a student and his supervisor, which could be considered co-authorship, are extremely rare.

Scientific conferences are a wonderful celebration of science. It was at the conferences that the young scientist (student, graduate student, young PhD) gets the opportunity to present the results of his work to the scientific community. It is at conferences that students and graduate students learn to talk on an equal footing with professors and academics, hone the skills of public speaking. The first time is always scary. Very scary. And any professor still surely remembers how his knees shook as he walked to the blackboard, clutching the leaves of his first scientific report

By the way, questions are asked and the thoughts that have come to mind are voiced after the report, and not during it, and to the speaker, not the neighbor.

Be benevolent and correct. If the discussion gave the speaker some new thoughts, somehow contributed to his further scientific development, then the conference was not in vain for him. And it’s always nice.

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In addition to direct questions, replicas are allowed: if, while listening to the report, you had an idea that you think might push the speaker to some interesting conclusions, do not hesitate to voice it.

By the way, questions are asked and the thoughts that have come to mind are voiced after the report, and not during it, and to the speaker, not the neighbor.

Be benevolent and correct. If the discussion gave the speaker some new thoughts, somehow contributed to his further scientific development, then the conference was not in vain for him. And it’s always nice.

Only a loser makes one report twice at different conferences. Twice one report can not be done. And three times too it is impossible. Yes, yes, and four times. Beginning authors who have written only one text, approved by the supervisor, for some reason forget about this rule of the scientific community and begin to send their theses to all possible conferences. However, students are usually forgiven, but in the list of publications 3 articles with the same title and almost the same volume are immediately shown to colleagues: you are dealing with a loser who forgets that the number of scientific publications must be supported by their quality.

In addition, in case the organizing committee finds out about duplicate articles before publication, it has every right to withdraw the work.

However, different reports can be made on the same topic – but isn’t it boring to write about the same thing two times in different words, strictly observing that the texts do not coincide?

At most conferences, two reports from one author are not welcome, even if they are on different topics. The reason is simple: it is difficult to prepare and read a report well. If a third-year student immediately declares 2 or even 3 reports, the question immediately arises about their quality. Why make 2 bad reports if you can make 1 good?

A separate problem – co-authors. In philology, co-authorship is not particularly common. In rare work there are 2 co-authors, even less often there are works where there are more than two co-authors. If this, of course, is not a serious scientific monograph, but we are talking about theses.