What is graduate coursework

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Registration of theses

Requirements for abstracts are determined by the conference organizing committee and communicated to all potential participants. They must be strictly followed, because any violation of the requirements leads to a significant increase in the cost of compiling a collection of abstracts of the report, which may be the reason for the refusal of the organizing committee.

The usual volume of abstracts is set to 1–2 pages of printed text. Less commonly, it is indicated in the number of words or characters. With frequent requirements for abstracts (Times New Roman, 12, single spacing, Word-formatted document), 1 page of printed text is about 45 lines or 5-7 medium paragraphs. At the same time a significant part is occupied by the title, the names of the authors and the names of the organizations where they work. In general, this is a very small amount available for intelligible presentation of the thoughts of the author.

Typical structure of theses

When writing abstracts such as “Problem Statement”, it is necessary to submit the following blocks of information:

Brief introduction (relevance of the topic).

The purpose of the work (to set the problem / task).

Overview of existing points of view on the problem, or a description of the situation in the subject area.

Some personal thoughts on this topic.

Prospective studies (optional).

Conclusion (what problem or problem is put for the subsequent decision).

When writing abstracts of the “Research results” type, it is necessary to submit the following blocks of information:

Brief introduction, statement of the problem (actually, everything is the same as in the theses, only briefly).

The purpose of the work (to investigate something specific).

Baseline study or hypothesis (in the case of an experimental study).

Applied methods.

Sampling options.

Intermediate results (if necessary).

Main results.

Interpretation + conclusions.

When writing abstracts of the “New Work Method” type, it is necessary to submit the following information blocks:

A brief introduction describing the tasks for which the developed is needed, the scope of the methodology (relevance).